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        China Loader Industry
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        China loader market is a fully competitive market. There are large number of participators whose competitive capability are relatively equally, of which, eight major loader manufacturers occupy the vast majority of Chinese loader market share, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd, Lonking Holdings Limited and Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd are the top three manufacturers, taking up over 50 per cent of the Chinese loader market share.

        The competition pattern of Chinese loader industry has been transformed gradually in recent years, firstly, the rapid growth of private enterprises; secondly, the investment of the foreign companies, such as, the global giant Caterpillar acquired the Chinese seventh largest loader company Shandong SEM Machinery Co., Ltd, and Japan Kobelco Construction Machinery group cooperated with Chengdu Engineering Machinery Group, which is the Chinese eighth largest loader company to establish a joint venture.

        In terms of the product mix, 5-ton loader is the main product of the Chinese loader products, accounting for 60% of the total sales and the 3-tons loader accounting for 30% of the Chinese loader market, rest of the products take up 10%. 70 per cent of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd, Lonking and Xiamen XGMA Machinery’s products are 5-tons loader.

        The total sales of loader in Jan-Aug 2008 in China were 131,443 units, an increase of 25.68 per cent. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the reconstruction plan has been promoted the sales of loader, the sales of Aug in Sichuan Province was 732 units, which is the largest demands in domestic market, accounting for 6.66 per cent of the total sales. In 2007, the loader sales in Sichuan Province ranked the fifth position in China, after the Wenchuan earthquake, the demand has been raised in Sichuan province.

        Despite the function, durability and other aspects of China's loader products have a great gap than Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu and other foreign brands, but it still dominated the domestic market; the reason is the purchasing power of loader in China is relatively low and price is highly sensitive, the functions of Chinese loader are basically able to meet the needs properly and the price is much lower than foreign products; meanwhile, the after-sale service is timely and the cost of repair parts is relatively low, therefore, domestic products can be fully meet the demands of domestic clients, the domination of domestic products in China market will keep for a long period.

        Overview, the development of Chinese loader has matured and will be more difficult to sustain a great future growth, but will not be in a negative growth and is expected the growth will be around 10%, because of: 1) a greater demand for replacement; 2) due to the huge demand of replacement, the actual possessions will be in a slow growth, the stock will not lead to rapid saturation; 3) exports will continue to drive industry growth; 4) the demand of its downstream industry will not shrink.


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