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        LiuGong Leads China in Wheel Loader Exports
        来源: 作者:liugong 发布日期:2010-03-29 阅读次数:2220 0 0 0
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        Once again, LiuGong has asserted themselves as the foremost wheel loader exporter in China.

        As of October 31, 2009, LiuGong had exported more wheel loaders for the year, 1,614, than any other Chinese wheel loader manufacturer, according to the China Construction Machinery Association.

        Over the past year, LiuGong has aggressively sought to expand its brand globally, reaching out to North America, Latin America and Europe. They have successfully built upon their strong performance last year when they exported a total 2,587 wheel loaders.

        LiuGong's global expansion is apparent as they have shipped wheel loaders to over 80 countries so far this year.? Of those countries, Africa received the most exports with 516 and Vietnam was close behind with 446.

        Out of all of LiuGong's easy-to-own, easy-to-operate wheel loaders, this year, the CLG856 has been their most popular.


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