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        Haier's Five Products Win 'Red Dot' Design Award
        来源:www.haier.com 作者: 发布日期:2010-04-05 阅读次数:2686 0 0 0
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         Recently, Germany's Red Dot Design Award 2010 announced list of winners, and Haier's five products won Red Dot Design Award, including Red Dot Design Awards for Haier Jian i7 laptop, M-series cabinet air conditioner and FeelWoo wall-mounted air conditioner, and Red Dot Honorary Mentions Awards for QHA93 gas stove, 'I WASH' washing machine. 

        According to reports, it is the fifth year for Haier to win such an award in succession. 
        Relevant links: Germany's Red Dot Design Award, as arguably the most well-known industrial design award worldwide, is one of the Top-three international design awards (including Germany's iF Award, USA's IDEA Award) and reputed as 'Oscar Award' in the industrial field. This year, totally 4,252 products from 57 countries are involved for the award.

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