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        Midea Brand
        来源: 作者:meidi 发布日期:2010-04-21 阅读次数:2120 1 0 0
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        For the past 20 years or so, Midea has been regulating its strategies and tactics in face of changes in the market, and has developed from a local brand with a single product to an international one engaged in multiple sectors. Experience in the last two decades has made Midea an ingenious, adaptive, and innovative brand.

        Enterprise principle: Creating a better life for humans
        Midea endeavors to provide household appliances with the best cost performance to consumers. We make every effort to create a better life for humans, which features a top-grade environment and quality experience, with our human-oriented products and sincere services.

        Enterprise vision: To become the world's most excellent manufacturer of household appliances
        The vision of "becoming the world's most excellent manufacturer of household appliances" means our way and system are different .We would like to create products offering satisfaction, thus offering consumers greater amenity of life.

        Core value of the brand:
        Midea has been accompanying and growing with consumers through all the years, which has endowed us with the ability to better understand the needs of consumers in a profound and practical observations. With our innovative capability and flexible response, we are able to provide consumers with products and services to the greatest of their satisfaction, thus bringing them a more comfortable, easier, and better life

        Brand characteristics:
        Midea's brand characteristics have very close relations with, and are a vivid representation of its core values. On the base of affinity, the core value gives the brand of Midea characteristics as follows: Curious, exploring, ambitious, and careful

        Brand configuration:

        Single brand strategy--all categories and lines of white household appliances apply the Midea brand
        No affiliated brand for large or small household appliances
        No affiliated brand for commercial products
        No affiliated brand for high-end products
        As for acquired brands, Midea makes efforts for their quality certification.


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