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        Skyworth ranks the top in the Spring Festival Market and Coocaa LED sells the best
        来源: 作者:skyworth 发布日期:2010-05-19 阅读次数:2077 1 0 0
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        It is indicated by the latest AVC statistics report that Skyworth TV sets ranks the top with 11.5% market share in the Spring Festival Market; the sales volume grows 312% on year-on-year basis and sales proceeds grows 346% on year-on-year basis and Skyworth Group turns itself the biggest winner in the peak season of Spring Festival. In addition, Skyworth Coocaa LED grows dramatically during the Spring Festival and takes the lead in the market with 24% of product market share.

        The salesmen have been so engaged in the sales that they could not go back home for the Spring Festival.

        Skyworth TV sets were so well sold during the Spring Festival that the staff of Sichuan Skyworth Office were so busy with their business that they could not go back home for the Spring Festival even two days before the festival. “Skyworth TV sets are well sold here”, one salesman in a supermarket of Chengdu Municipality told the reporter happily. The products were sold well as Skyworth Group had promoted in the market in advance.

        Skyworth Group will continue to strengthen its sales promotion this year and offer various preferential prices for the consumers. Pan Zhifeng from Beijing Branch told the reporter that the price of 55-inch Skyworth LCD TV sets has declined below RMB8,000 and the preferential price of 42-inch Coocaa LED is more than RMB4,000 than the initial price when it was launched to the market. In addition, Skyworth Group has launched a serious of preferential promotion activity for Coocaa LED to offer small ones if the customers buy bigger ones. Also it has prepared the preferential gifts including vouchers, gift coupons, home theaters, wireless network gift set and 2G Coocaa K compact flash USB drive, etc.

        It is introduced by Skyworth personnel that the unprecedented sales promotion of Skyworth has brought the genuine puddings for the consumers and as a result, more and more consumers have come to understand and prefer Skyworth products and enjoy the endless service of them.

        Coocaa LED are the most popular products

        Skyworth Coocaa LED have stood themselves out in the same trade and become very popular among the consumers during the Spring Festival. It is indicated by the data that Skyworth Coocaa LED amount to 24% of all LED products and dominate the market and rank the top in the products sold with approximately 30% of market share in the regions of Shanghai City, Sichuan Province, Hubei Province, Zhejiang Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jilin Province, Foshan City, Guizhou Province, Hebei Province and Heilongjiang Province, etc. And its market share in Shenzhen City has come up to 39%, to 49% in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, 50% in Hengyang City of Hunan Province and 67% in Linyi City of Shandong Province.

        The responsible person of Skyworth Group owe the popularity of Skyworth Coocaa LED  to three points. The first is the strong points of Skyworth products. Skyworth Coocaa LED have been integrated with the powerful multimedia entertainment functions of Coocaa TV Film, Coocaa Music and Cooca Caraoke, etc. and at the same time, they are designed with excellent technologyes with top visual experiences. The second is the repeated sales promotion activities started from October 2009 as they were launched to the market and so the products have been accepted by the public. The third is that Skyworth Group strengthened the preferential activities of Coocaa LED during the Spring Festival with more reasonable prices. The responsible person says that Skyworth Group expects to popularize Coocaa LED via the Spring Festival Market and sell the high-end TV products to the common people.


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