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        销售Selling Electric Winch
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        商情价格: 10.00 /10000
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        所在地 ShanghaiShanghai
        发布时间: 2013-09-22
        交易类型 FOB

         1. Introduction

        Gear: Symmetrical arrayed high speed synchronous gears, international standard gear steel

        Chain: Adopts high strength chain and high precision welding technology, fits for gusty overload work

        Conditions; Multi-angle operation(with 45 degree).

        Hook: Made of high-class alloy steel, strength and security

        Switch: Limit switch to protect chain and ensure security.

        Components: Main components are all made of high-class alloy steel, with high precision and security.

        Plastic Plating: Advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside,

        Encloser: Made of high-classed steel, more firmly and dexterous

        2. Features

        Heat treated low-wear, 80 grade chain

        Forged upper and lower hooks

        Ratchet type brake warrants, safe and dependable operation

        Standard lift heights is 2.5-3.5 meters and optional lift heights also available upon request

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