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        Pneumatic Anti wear Ceramic Swing Discharge Ash Gate Valve
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        產品品牌: FREE-VALVE
        產品規格: DN100~DN300
        產品類型 全新
        所在地 Henan
        發布時間: 2020-11-09
        交易類型: 所有
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         FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Ceramic Rotary Gate Valves are designed for pressurized and vacuum systems including pneumatic conveying systems, discharge and vent applications in steel plant and coal power. The whole of ceramic sealing faces of the valves are well ground and polished, which is ensure a reliable sealing performance of the valve.


        1. The cylinder piston rod does not contact with the medium directly, which greatly prolongs the service life of the cylinder and has a higher service temperature without damaging the cylinder.

        2. The sealing faces of the valve are made of toughened engineering ceramics with good abrasion resistance and prolonged service life.

        3. Product with customized structural length and connection size is available.

        4. The valve disc rotational motion can avoid the ash deposition on the sealing surface during opening and closing, so the valves have much longer service.

        5. The valve body outlet end adopts slant structure, which is advantageous to the medium entering the valve cavity to fall automatically, preventing the medium in the valve cavity accumulation and causing the valve not to open properly.

        6. The spring between the disc and disc seat is loaded with a floating connection. The spring force of the disc always matches the valve seat, ensures the sealing of the valve, and also helps to compensate for expanding when heated and contracting when cooled ,and sealing surface wear.

        Technical Specification:

        1) Size Range: NPS4~NPS12,DN100~DN300

        2) Pressure Range: Class 150 /PN6 /PN10

        3) Applicable Temperature: 0~200℃

        4) Connection Type: Flange

        5) Sealing material: engineering ceramics

        6) Pressure test:GB/T13927, API598

        7) Face to Face: GB/T12221, ASME B16.10

        8) Valve body : GB/T12224,ASME B16.34

        Operating Mode: Pneumatic


        FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Ceramic Rotary Gate Valves are suitable for steel plant, cereals transport system, cement transport systems and EP system in coal fired power plant. In these applications, pneumatic conveying method is used to reduce manpower demand, and improve system efficiency and reliability, and is easy to realize automation.




        Payment terms:TT,LC

        Price terms:FOB,CIF.FCA,CFR

        Delivery time:30 days


        Wechat ID:FreeValve

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