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             FOTON LOVOL INTERNATIONAL HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD (Hereinafter called FOTON LOVOL H.I.) is a large-scale industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in producing the construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and vehicles, with the total assets of 1 billion US dollars. In 2008, sales revenue hits 17.1 billion US dollars, a growth of 24.7% year-on-year. The company has been titled “China Main High & New-Tech Enterprise”, and the Construction Technic Research Institute has been awarded “China National Technology Center”; also, our company has set up the “Post-Doctoral Research Center”. In addition, our company’s leading products have been honored “China Top Brand”, “China Famous Trademark”, and “The Most Competitive Brands in China Market”. Our company’s brand value is estimated 15.1 billion US dollars, ranking the 66th place in “China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands”, the first place in China’s agricultural equipments industry, and the third place in China’s construction machinery industry.

        Foton tractors are exported to more than 70 countries and regions across the globe and are fundamentally designed to work in the world's harshest environments. Simplicity is at the heart of the design process, being the key to uncomplicated operation and easily serviceable engines. With accreditation to European Vehicle Type Approval Standards, Foton owners and users have the confirmation and peace of mind that Foton Tractors meet and surpass European Performance and safety standards.

        所在地区: Shandong·
        企业地址: 192 beihai south street, Weifang,Shandong
        联 系 人: wang()
        电话号码 0536-7638713
        公司网站: http://www.shangqiuqudou.com/uhome-307
        注册时间: 2010-03-24
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